Sic Bo (Sic Bo) from Microgaming

An ancient Asian game of dice called sic bo, whose history dates back to ancient China, is popular in many countries around the world, although it can hardly be called one of the favorite entertainment of Russian-speaking fans of gambling.

Play online in Sic Bo

Sic Bo – free online casino gambling game with traditional rules sic bo. In sic bo uses a special table with a special markings and three standard dice with six sides, which are marked with points (one to six).

The aim of sic bo is to predict the outcome of a die roll and to bet accordingly. Sic Bo can be played with coins ranging in value from one to one hundred dollars.

Different types of bets are accepted in Sic Bo by Microgaming:

  • One to six number bets (odds of 1:1 for one die, 2:1 for two dice, 3:1 for three).
  • Betting on two numbers (odds 5:1).
  • A bet on the sum of the numbers on three dice (odds from 6:1 to 62:1 are listed directly on the markup).
  • Betting on large and small numbers (odds 1:1).
  • Betting on a double (odds 10:1).
  • Betting on a Triple (180:1 odds).
  • On any triple (odds 31:1) – a bet that in three dice fall any three identical numbers.
Sic Bo Game

You can read about each of the bets in detail in the rules of the online game Sic Bo from Microgaming. For each type of rate has its own limits of bets, determined by the administration of the casino. You can combine the rates at your discretion in any variation. In each of the rates Sic Bo laid its theoretical return (approximately 80% to 97%).

How to play Sic Bo?

The main part of the screen Sic Bo occupies a playing field with a layout for betting. Download the game Sic Bo can be fully translated into Russian, so there is no need to explain the functions that perform the various elements of the interface.

Sic Bo has basic user settings, game tips, information bar, statistics section and other useful options that make the gameplay as comfortable as possible. You can play Sic Bo from Microgaming in a downloadable version or directly on the website of the online casino, which operates on this platform.

The online game Sic Bo has a realistic and user-friendly interface. The payout ratios are quite high. So, if you like sic bo, this model is worth taking a closer look at it. To achieve maximum results in Sic Bo, you need to learn how to play sic bo properly. The strategy of the game comes down, mainly, to the choice of the maximum profitable bets.

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