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In modern gambling there are no more than a dozen of the most popular varieties of video poker, distinguished by some really important features of the gameplay. The other models are no more than variations of the basic games.

A separate category can include numerous themed video slots, which do not have a unique game features, memorable only for its unusual design. Among them is the development of the company Gamescale called Alien poker, which is a variation of Deuces Wild.

Play Alien Poker online

Alien poker involves standard decks of fifty-two cards without jokers. If the game goes to one hand, one deck is used. When activating multiple lanes for each of them is a separate set of cards (about this below). Coins of $0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.50, $1, $2 or $5 can be used for bets. Up to five chips per hand are accepted. However, the range of available coin denominations varies depending on the number of bars involved, so it is recommended to find out everything by experience.

Alien Poker video poker game

You can play one, five, ten, twenty-five, fifty or one hundred hands. The goal is to collect a payable combination on the maximum number of positions involved. In Alien poker, poker combinations from tris to royal flush are paid. Twos play the role of jokers and can be used in place of other cards required to make combinations. In addition, four twos, a royal flush with a joker, and five of a kind (a carat plus a deuce) are paid at separate odds.

Note that when betting five coins of any denomination, the payout for Royal Flush is disproportionately increased (for comparison at bets of one to five chips: 250, 500, 750, 1000 и 4000). There is a round to double the payout, which can be triggered when you get a win.

How to play Alien Poker?

The control panel is logical, convenient and clear. The choice of lines, coins and chip denomination is carried out in separate boxes. If a single strip paytable is located above the cards. If there are several lines, the table is shifted to the left. Leave the cards in the game before exchanging them by clicking on them with the mouse.

There are sound and screen settings. If we talk about design, it should be noted the unusual design. In particular, the background is a rural night landscape, where the field is hovering over the flying saucer. But the gameplay is not affected by this fact.

Download Alien poker do not have to. You can play directly in your browser. We must admit that this is not a bad kind of Deuces Wild. Nice design, standard rules, handy panel – all this makes this model a very high quality. Don’t forget to always bet five coins so as not to lose your chance to compete for a larger payout on Royal Flush. More detailed strategy recommendations for Wild Doubles can be found in a separate article.

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