Poker Hands – What Cards You Have to Collect if You Desire to Win

Competition in poker fully depends on one single matter – whose hand appears to be the winning one. Poker is a game that uses cards as a playing instrument. Those cards are distributed to all participants by the croupier and create particular combos that are matched in the end in order to define a winner. Such a combo, usually made up of five cards, has a name “a hand” and all these combos are gathered in the particular ranking that defines what combo beats another one.

The closer the hand you collect stays to the top of the rank, the bigger chances to succeed it provides. In the face-to-face games, participants use a lot of strategies such as bluffing and reading the reactions of other players in order to succeed with a weaker hand. However, in the online version, you have no way to face your opponents, and using such strategies becomes much harder. However, when you study different winning methodic, odds, and strategies for online games, you increase your chances of winning even with what you can consider a weak hand.

The poker hands order

Most poker variations have the common card combos. The common order of them is the next:

  1. the highest card is matched; the card ranking goes from the weakest 2 to the strongest ace; this is the weakest combo among poker hands – high card with four lower cards;
  2. the second is the 5-card combo that includes two of the identic number or face – one pair;
  3. the third is the 5-card combo that includes two of the identic number or face twice – two pairs;
  4. the fourth is the 5-card combo that includes three of the identic number or face – three of a kind;
  5. the fifth is the 5-card combo in the descending order without the identic suit – straight;
  6. the sixth is the 5-card combo of the identic suit – flush;
  7. the seventh is the 5-card combo that consists of three of the identic number or face and other two of the identic number or face – full house;
  8. the eighth is the 5-card combo that includes four of the identic number or face – four of a kind;
  9. the best is the 5-card combo of the identic suit in the descending order -straight flush.

If two or more participants obtain the equal hands, the winner is defined by the higher card.

The gameplay

The main goal of the participant at the poker table is to receive better poker hands than their opponents. The poker game has the following features:

  • gamers receive their first two cards and make their bets according to their predictions and expectations; if the game has the ante bet, all players are obliged to pay it; if not, two gamers go with the small and big blind bets, and others can support the bet or decline;
  • when the game begins, all participants can choose among a number of moves: “call” to match a bet, “check” to bet nothing, “raise” to add to the bet, “pass” to abandon the round without betting, “fold” to abandon the round losing the bet, “all-in” to bet everything the gamer has;
  • at the end of the game, the hands of the remaining participants are matched and the victory goes to the stronger one.

The winner takes the bank. If some participants received equal results, they divide the bank.

In poker, the result of the game depends on the gamer’s moves significantly. A good player always trains himself, learns different strategies, and gains experience. Most methods use the principle of hands odds. Regarding the cards that were already distributed and revealed, the gamer should consider the odds of obtaining certain combinations with his cards and the potential cards that will be distributed next. It can be useful to apply a poker hand calculator that will assist you in counting the odds and making a better move.

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