Poker set: numerous variations of sets for fans of the “King of card games”!

Poker set: play professionally at home

Using the Texas Hold’em kit is another good reason to get together with your closest friends and spend an evening enjoying an exciting game. Usually, all poker kits have the same structure. Due to the fact that the kit comes in an aluminum case, you can not only conveniently store it, but also take it with you if you want to play as a guest.

The case is closed with two metal locks, and so do not worry that the chips accidentally crumble during transportation. The foam insert inside the case serves to ensure that all the elements inside are clearly in place. The set consists of 200 chips, two decks of cards, five dice as well as dealer chips. The chips are made of plastic and each weighs 14 grams. They are presented in five different face values: 1, 5, 25, 50 and 100, and each face value is made in a separate color. The total bank of all chips is 7775 units, so the kit is perfect for 2-4 players.

The decks of Carta Mundi cards included in the kit are of the quality of the cards used in the casino, therefore it is very pleasant and comfortable to play them. If you wish, you can replace the game of poker with one of the card games, for example blackjack.

How to choose the best one for you

To enjoy real poker as it was originally conceived it is not necessary to go to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. You can organize a live game at home, for example, hold a tournament among your relatives and friends. To do this, you will need a table, chairs, cards and chips. Most likely you already have a table and chairs, but cards and chips can be purchased and stored in special poker sets.

When choosing, first of all, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Price – an expensive set does not always mean the best. The most appropriate would be the middle option;
  • Reliable metal case – first of all, you need to pay attention to this particular part of the set, as otherwise all the chips can be lost and the set will be incomplete;
  • High quality of manufactured goods – only excellent design and good design can deliver you and your friends the pleasure of a poker game.

Below is an overview of three of a kind set poker, as well as a link to purchase them.

Poker Million 500

This UK-made professional poker game kit consists of two decks of playing cards, 500 game plastic chips, small, big, missed blind chips, defeat chips and dealer chips, which are stored in a steel case measuring 54 cm x 21 cm x 5.5 cm.

Chips without a denomination are in white, blue, red, yellow, black and green. Instructions with poker combinations are also carefully attached to the set, so few people forget them.

Hamburg Poker Set

This set for playing poker consists of two decks of cards, 25 chips of each of the listed colors: blue, red, green, black. A metal case guarantees the safety of chips and other assortment from loss and damage. A good choice for live poker fans.

Premium 300 Poker Set

The set consists of two decks of playing cards, 300 game ceramic tiles of red, black, blue and green; dealer chips and three blind chips. Plastic cards with designations of values in the corners. All items are stored in a metal case with a transparent window. This poker set is equipped with a disc with additional information.


Despite the fact that probability of odds of set over set in poker has actually become a multiplayer online game, live poker does not lose its relevance. Live poker is somewhat different from playing at a computer, and this is interesting: to see the face of your opponent, to observe the reaction of any action – all this is possible only in a live game.

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