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EasyLiving Homescm are for everyone. EasyLiving Homecm features provide homeowners with comfort and ease of living during any life stage. Feel confident entertaining friends, relatives and neighbors without concern that your home will limit access for individuals with mobility support needs – such as a cane, walker or wheelchair. New parents navigating a baby carriage into the house, the weekend athlete who uses crutches to heal a sprained ankle or the baby boomer using a wheelchair while recovering from hip surgery will all appreciate the convenience and safety of wider doorways, a zero-step entry and ample space in the hallways and bathroom.

EasyLiving Homecm certification guarantees that the home has been built to exacting specifications and meets the necessary criteria to qualify the home as EasyLiving. If you are looking for a home that is easy to live in; easy to access; and easy to navigate, consider building an EasyLiving Homecm for peace of mind today…and tomorrow.

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“My husband and I were lucky enough to find a builder who understands building an EasyLiving Home. As a gerontologist, I planned to build my home to ‘age-in-place.’ But, what I didn’t expect, was the convenience and ease for my toddler grandchildren with no steps to worry about. And, our movers were pleased with the wider doorways and hallways. We are lucky to enjoy our home now, when we are “young” and healthy! It is also great to have our neighbors constantly comment how beautiful and functional our home is!“

Nancy Glenmore Tatum, MS Gerontology,
Homeowner, Virginia